The Acute Care Clinic will be opened in the Wellness Clinic, Suite F, in response to situations when there is an increase of viral illnesses in our community and to prevent exposures to staff and healthy patients who are scheduled for routine medical care by our providers.

Our Acute Care Clinic is used for established patients who meet specific criteria established by FP Associates, P.C. Infection Prevention Team.

March 2020:

Any patients with an acute upper or lower respiratory illness or at high risk of exposure to the Coronavirus, COVID-19.



Dr. Cervantes provides personalized  direct primary care services for participating members.  Participating members pay a monthly fee for special access and services with no additional copayments at the time of their office visits and receive comprehensive lab testing at annual physical exams.  Family MD Access membership allows Dr. Cervantes to focus on every patient and their individual needs.  This service model leads to more time with your doctor along with convenient and easy access outside the doctor's visit (phone, secure text & email).                                                                                                   

Direct primary care services are provided to members of Strada Healthcare amd membership details and benefits are detailed in their plan guide.

Dr. Cervantes is a participating direct primary care provider in Strada Healthcare:  Healthcare the way it should be.



Prolia injections for treatment of osteporosis and prevention of fractures due to thin bones.  Lab testing (calcium and vitamin D) is also available.  Call 402-292-1072 for more information.



Testosterone replacement therapy and management is available for men with low testosterone levels.  Routine general physical exams and cardiovascular risk assessment and testing is discussed and performed on site.



This specialized blood draw procedure is a treatment for medical conditions associated with excess levels of iron or red blood cells in the body.



SHINGLES VACCINE - Shingrix is given in the clinic for those patients wanting to prevent painful shingle outbreaks.  Insurance preauthorization is recommended so stop by for more information about getting scheduled to receive this beneficial vaccine.

TETANUS - Tdap (tetanus and whooping cough) booster.  A medical office visit may be required for any injuries.

INFLUENZA - Walk in appointments are available to receive a seasonal flu vaccine.



Group scheduling is available.  Call 402-292-1072 for more information.                                                 Chest X-ray testing is also available if TB skin test is positive.



Pre-employment drug testing and post-accident drug and alcohol testing is done in our clinic.                                                                                                            


Call 402-292-1072 and ask to speak with Susan or Jaimie to get more information about the services Dr. Cervantes offers.


James A. Cervantes, M.D.          Medical Director